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Comprehensive Eye Exams: 5 Questions to Ask Your Optometrist

Are you considering your first visit to an optometrist or a checkup appointment after many years? Do you know what to expect when you schedule an appointment with your optometrist? It is always best to ask the right questions. Doing so will help settle your nerves and give you a better understanding of visual and ocular conditions.

How Yearly Eye Exams Can Save Your Life

Experts recommend that everyone gets regular eye exams despite having great vision. They advise that regular eye exams should start when we are children. The main reason children should get eye exams is to keep an eye on any developing eye conditions.

Switching From Eyeglasses to Contact Lenses: What to Expect   

You may be considering switching from glasses to contacts because of the inconveniences you get from glasses. Here are some things to expect when you switch to contact lenses.

Why is Dry Eye Syndrome Worse in Summer?

Dry eye is often inherent in the cold winter seasons. However, the condition can get worse during summer. Several factors can contribute to this during the hot, dry months. They include:

8 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses Every Day

Sunglasses are essential to wear every day. You have probably had them for many years and still do not know their exact benefits. There are numerous advantages of wearing your sunglasses 365 days a year whenever you step out, whether it is raining or shining.

Do you need more than standard eye exams and frames?

Where can you find an Optometrist in Pismo Beach?

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