Dry Eye Exam

Dry eyes can be irritating, frustrating, and most importantly can negatively affect your vision and life. Dry eye disease is an extremely prevalent and increasingly common disorder of the eye that affects a wide patient population, including kids. In our fast-paced modern world, our eyes are being used more than ever, especially with the increased use of mobile and computer screens. Studies suggest that prolonged screen time can impact how quickly our tears evaporate and if they are evaporating too quickly can cause our eyes to feel dry. Environmental stressors such as dust, pollen, wind and low humidity can also upset the balance of the ocular surface. Medications, contact lens use, hormones and systemic disease can cause imbalances that contribute to changes in the ocular surface. Finally, other factors such as stressful lifestyle, poor diet and lack of sleep can also negatively impact the ocular surface and cause dry eye. The goal of our dry eye exam is to determine the root cause of your dry eye and recommend a treatment plan to have your eyes return to feeling fresh, nourished and vibrant.

While many patients have tried traditional over-the-counter eye drops or topical medications, Dr. Gill's patients on the Central Coast have found relief from her wide array of treatment plans that address root level causes of dry eye syndrome. Treatment plans and recommendations are individually tailored based on pathophysiology and symptoms. When you seek out our dry eye services, you will undergo a comprehensive evaluation and be provided with a personalized plan to help you find relief from your dry eye symptoms. For more information, please visit our treatments page.

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